Erik Spiekermann

Who are they?

Erik Spiekermann, the internationally recognised typographer, information designer and graphic designer, founded MetaDesign Berlin in 1979.

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After having spent seven years as a freelance designer in London, he returned to Berlin in 1979, where, together with two partners, he founded MetaDesign. MetaDesign specialize in complex, often large, corporate design programmes and information systems, including new media, online and offline; all with strong emphasis on typography. MetaDesign's work has influced a generation of designers and decision-makers.

From Erik Spiekermann's creation of the widely used 'meta' tyepface, designed by Erik Spiekermann, has often been referred to as the 'Helvetica of the 90's. It originated in a font that he was designing for the German Post Office. MetaDesign has created some of the most memorable information design systems of the past 20 years.

In 1989, Erik founded FontShop International, publishers of the FontFont library, including one of his own designs, FF Meta, one of the most popular typefaces in the USA and Europe. Another of his typefaces, ITC Officina, seems to be on every other webpage these days and FF Info, his latest effort, has been chosen for the way- finding system of a major European airport. He started typedesign by redrawing old hot metal faces from the Berthold library, back in the 70's: LoType and Berliner Grotesk.

Erik left MetaDesign Berlin and now works as a freelance design consultant in Berlin, London and San Francisco.