Kelly Hoppen

Who are they?

Leading interior designer Kelly Hoppen is a style leader, opinion former and author, but first and foremost, a visionary.

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Hoppen is the head designer of her interior design company, which she founded more than 20 years ago, and is still intimately involved in every project.

From the beginning, Hoppen has sought to incorporate a sense of calm and balance with sheer style. Observers have called her work timeless and elegant, calm and cool, simple and luxurious, but the most often used term has been East Meets West, which perfectly sums up the Kelly Hoppen aesthetic and her emotional and spiritual approach.

In September 2002, Hoppen opened her flagship store in Fulham Road, Chelsea. The Kelly Hoppen Emporium, a lifestyle boutique selling her own products and and a mixture of modern and bohemian decorative objects as well as pieces sourced from all over the world. Due to demand Kelly Hoppen has now introduced her products to the Gulf and she plans to open outlets in Paris, New York and Los Angeles by 2005. Last year say the the long awaited launch of the Kelly Hoppen Design School.

Set at the heart of Kelly's world, her design studio in West Kensington, these throrough yet intimate courses are personally run by Hoppen, offering a true insight into her world and how she works. As well as designing apartments and houses, Hoppen's international commissions have ranged from Lear Jet and British Airways First Class cabins, yachts, corporate office space, restaurants, as well as her own collection of interior accessories. These include rugs, carpets, a paint collection with Fired Earth, a collaboration with Wedgwood called 'The Art of Giving' (above right and left), window accessories, a fabric collection, bed linen and furniture.

Her collaboration with such household names has helped to make Kelly Hoppen the international brand it is today - her own collections of paint, fabrics, rugs, carpets and ceramics have made her signature look increasingly accessible.