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Bookshelf Comb by Jaanus Orgusaar

Bookshelf Comb by Jaanus Orgusaar

White, medium

This beautiful Bookshelf Comb is inspired by the beauty of the natural environment. Jaanus Orgusaar creates intricate, complex designs that invite the outdoors into our homes.
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Skillfully combining traditional Estonian craftsmanship and innovative, sustainable practice. Made from Birch plywood.

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All our shopping ideas are carefully selected by our team. We know how hard it is to find sustainable products, with some companies only just starting out on this journey. We try to find items where the product is on this pathway but appreciate it may not be 100% sustainable yet.

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Supporting the move

A growing number of companies are now adding sustainability into their products and we aim to support them and showcase these products for you.

Sustainable It's easy to find out more from the supplier or manufacturer of each product on their eco and sustainable policy.