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Easy ways to get that autumn glow

18 August 2020

Summer brings a surge of out door activity and we all feel better for sitting less at the computer and tv.

So, let’s not lose that healthier self we have become as the seasons change. We all know how popular cycling has become over the past few months and some of us will opt for different ways of getting to work. if you are about to return to work and you are thinking of using your peddle power for your commute, then take a look at the Tern Verge P10 Folding Bike.

Image Credit © John Lewis & Partners

The Tern Verge P10 Folding Bike is built for performance and it rides with exceptional comfort and stability. Not only that, but with the bike’s adjustable handlebar system you can dial in your riding position with surgical precision.

Make this is a smart addition to your daily keep fit regime and when you get to your destination you won’t need a further workout as the bike is light and portable - simply fold and store indoors for ultimate protection and peace of mind.

Many of us are now working from home for some of the week and if you are lucky enough to fit in a jog before the day starts, then having the essential gear to reach for will give you that extra feeling of wellbeing. Reebok have a great range of women’s running tights and they look so good they are great for leisure wear, too.

Running tights are designed with mesh panels and the back of the knee for ventilation and breathability and Reebok Running Essentials Running Tights also have reflective accents as part of the graphic print to provide low-light visibility, which not only looks pretty cool, but will help look after you on those busier runs.

Find ways to help you keep up with your daily exercise routine. Without incentives it’s easy to slow up just because the sun has gone in and there’s a nip in the air. But, there are some great pieces of kit out there designed to help with this very predicament. Made with fabrics that are soft and light and soft without adding bulk are great for winter training. Swiss, sports brand On, known for their leading technology in sportswear, have designed a On Weather Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Running Top with long sleeves and a slim athletic fit. There’s extra comfort to be had with thumbhole cuffs

Whether you are getting on your bike, or hitting the road for a run, there are clever ways to track your wellbeing and tailor your workouts and set some goals. We all need a little help to maintain that motivation especially over the winter months. The Tanita RD-953S Connect Body Composition Monitor Scale is one way to launch your self into fitness success.

A smart scale like this can analyse you through medical grade Dual Frequency BIA technology. It offers over ten body composition readings including unique muscle quality assessment. You can connect to Google Health and Apple Health via the My Tanita Health App making it easy to set your goals and most importantly to keep up your fitness levels and get that autumn glow.

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