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De-clutter freedom

18 August 2020

After all the fun of the summer there is always a moment, a distinct feeling, that autumn is creeping up on us.

Enjoying the hot sunny days of summer sees our routine change with our focus on outside living, the garden, picnics in the park, long walks, enjoying the good weather at every opportunity.

Now with a hint of autumn in the air, the change of weather and nights drawing in, our focus changes back to the indoors, making it the perfect time to think about de-cluttering the home, to sort out  the accumulation of stuff that seems to appear while the fun of summer had our attention. Clever storage unlocks the puzzle of where to put all the spare tech stuff, the pile of books, stack of shoes and jackets slung over over chairs.

The Audrey large drawer chest from west elm is the perfect place to start. With its deep, spacious drawers for plenty of storage, but slim fit it is a great choice for the hallway. The geometric drawer fronts and muted tones make for a sleek look, creating a zen like feeling and setting the tone for the rest of your home.

If you have been working from home from the kitchen table, maybe now is the time to coordinate your workstation. Those piles of paperwork, pens an pencils and laptop will all find a space in the Bow Desk by John Lewis. Although sleek and compact it has two drawers, a cubby space and shelving. The contemporary and uncluttered design of the Bow Desk is ideal for smaller spaces. For extra storage and additional aesthetic ambience add shelving overhead to complete the serene look.

Whether your bathroom is large or small you need somewhere to drape a gown or towel and the Bran Wall Mounted Hook does this perfectly. Never again will there be a pile of damp towels left piled up in the bathroom - you’ll just want to use the Bran. Not only is it easy to use it looks so stylish, too.

There are so many great ideas and products to help you create a fresh new feeling for your home making it easier for you to de-clutter. Take a look at who have the key to organising your tidy up by using Storagesizer ( finding the size, material and price you are looking for.

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