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Style your house in an eco friendly way

21 September 2020

Nkuku have a great range of eco-friendly, ethical and individually hand-crafted pieces for the home.

Spending more time at home has led us to take stock of our space inside and out. How to make the most of our rooms as they double up as workstations and re-inventing children’s bedrooms and playrooms to create a little more room for manoeuvre and interaction at home.

With extra time at home it is easier to stand back and see how things could be changed to enhance and liven up your living space. It doesn’t have to be a mammoth makeover just little touches and adjustments can make all the difference. It can be as simple as changing the positions of pictures on the wall, or jazzing up an empty wall by framing keepsakes, photographs, or children’s colourful artworks.

Image Credit © Nkuku

The Indu Wooden Frame, created with sustainable mango wood pieces, is perfect for a natural look and will let you get creative. Positioning a collection of frames together, as seen below, creates an interesting zone.

Now, with many of us enjoying a new found hobby and love for indoor plants perhaps you are starting to find space getting tight on the windowsill for another plant pot. The Api Wall Hung Planter could be the answer. In antique brass it sits snugly against the wall and lets you create your own miniature garden for a very stylish backdrop.

If you want to go bold and daring then Nkuku can help with that, too. Arna Wire Wall Art is one of Nkuku’s striking range of wall art. It’s big and beautiful and the skilfully sculpted wire forms pretty patterns that will transform the decoration of your wall.

If you are looking for something even more striking then go wild with the Eko Wire Bull Head, again beautifully created by hand with joined and sculpted wire. This exciting range includes a rhino, elephant, antelope and moose. 

For Christmas there’s the Ineko Wire Reindeer you can stand as an ornament or dangle from your Christmas tree.

The gorgeous Tula Garland is rustically elegant and beautifully crafted with metal leaves and berries giving it a hint of Christmas. Perfect for that extra bit of embellishment  bydraping over a picture frame or mirror and catching the twinkle of lights for a cosy look.

We love the giant Nari Giant Bauble in stunning antique green finish, hand blown from recycled glass and strung with a brown velvet tie.

Mix these with elegant Zia Baubles, handmade from age-old glass-making techniques by artisans in Rajasthan, these pretty baubles make a beautiful addition to any Christmas scene.

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