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Fabulous new Japanese theme for Christmas

18 September 2020

Creating a warm and welcoming feel to your home at Christmas is something we all like to do and it has never been easier with all the help that is out there.

Maybe you are starting to think, like many of us, it’s time for a new Christmas tree or some new twinkly lights to festoon and brighten up your hallway this year.

Christmas might seem like a long way off, but why not make the most of your time and creative talent in the lead up to Christmas and have fun getting ready to re-invent the feel of your home for those few magical weeks.

Image Credit © John Lewis & Partners

Whatever your style you can live it out. Just take a look at the fabulous new John Lewis Christmas collection for mind-popping ideas. Go bold and exciting, or perhaps go Scandi and cosy bringing a touch of hygge, as the Danes call it and do so well. They know a thing or two about bringing that feeling of comfort, wellbeing and conviviality to the home.

However, this year, John Lewis have also included a fabulous new theme for Christmas, inspired by the Japonism movement of the mid-19th century. In the Art of Japan Theme the artists have updated elements of Japanese art in a modern way. The baubles are exquisite and beautifully decorated with an ease and lightness of touch so often seen in Japanese art.

John Lewis & Partners Art of Japan Origami Mercurised Bauble is an intriguing origami shaped bauble and it works beautifully catching the light for an attractive ‘frosted’ look. The John Lewis & Partners Art of Japan Snowy Christmas Tree Bauble is a wonderfully evocative and inspired by traditional Japanese woodblock prints.

Other attractive decorations from this theme, that will make you smile, are based on the traditional Japanese fan, kimono, ramen noodle bowl and even the maki sushi roll!

The Crackertoa Luxury Party Pack Christmas Crackers, patterned in red and white geometric patterns, will also have you smiling on Christmas day as they snap, shower you in confetti, a paper hat, a joke and an Origami kit, no less, to keep your guests happily entertained at the Christmas dinner table. And that’s not all, the eco friendly Crackertoa party pack also includes 12 napkins and 6 place cards.

An attractive alternative, or even addition to the cracker at the Christmas table is John Lewis & Partners Art of Japan Fill Your Own Trivia Boxes. They look colourful and exciting and each of the six boxes comes with a trivia card and hat and the rest is up you. By adding your own gift to each box you can give it that extra personal touch.

So, don’t put off what you can do today! Look forward to a happy and relaxing Christmas and enjoy and savour every moment. Unleash your creativity for that extra bit of fun, satisfaction and enjoyment in your run up to a happy Christmas!

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