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How to shop zero for eco must-haves

27 September 2020

More and more of us are trying to make a positive impact as consumers, making an effort to shop in a greener and more sustainable way.

However small the changes we start to make and introduce in to our daily routine, it all helps in the move towards environmentally friendly living. Whether we are avoiding unnecessary packaging and looking for plastic-free options, or shopping to include ethical alternatives we have to make a determined effort now to change our habits. 

Wearth London is one such one-stop shop for those looking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. They partner with over 200 independent UK brands creating an excellent selection of diverse products. Wearth is a fantastic place to make those more environmentally conscious decisions.

Image Credit © Wearth London

From fashion pieces to beauty and homewares, all of Wearth’s products are vegan-friendly, too. Using their website’s innovative ‘Shop by Values’ feature, the products area is categorised making it easier for you to explore the options. From the plastic free, the vegan friendly, organic, recycled, handmade, refillable and even a category for the ‘social contribution’.

The Wakecup Zero Waste Starter Kit is the ultimate zero waste kit. A fabulous gift, which includes a paperboy backpack, bamboo water bottle, bamboo coffee cup and bamboo straw.

Perfect for livening up meal times is the Bamboo Dinnerware Set in a vibrant coral reef design. Made with bamboo and corn starch materials this dinnerware set is delivered in a presentation box, making it the perfect sustainable gift.

Another must-have is the traditionally loomed Bergama Pestemal Black & Salt Towel. It is lightweight and versatile. Use as a bath sheet, scarf or even table linen for a rustic look.

Durable as well as stylish is the Bric Bike Bag, which comes in four colour  ways. Perfect for fitting over the handlebars, it also has a strap so that you can carry it over your shoulder.

The organic Authentic House Organic Shave Bar is a replacement for shaving gel, packed with moisturising plant butters and essential oils especially chosen to care for the skin and promote healing post shave.

London Bathers Handmade Soap Trio gift set features a trio of natural soaps, made by hand in the UK using the cold process method, they lather beautifully and each has a rich, evocative aroma.

Take a look at Wearth’s Eco Inspo blog for a range of sustainable lifestyle articles including zero waste tips, product guides, vegan recipes and guest blogs. Wearth believe that everyone can make a positive impact and even small changes can make a big difference.

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