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Connecting With Your Home

14 October 2020

Along with technology comes reinvention and it features more and more in our homes adding that extra ease, comfort and peace of mind.

Making the most of being comfy at home comes in many forms - and it’s much more than just having the soft furnishings of your choice. Now we can reinvent our space and there are some great ways to zone our homes. It’s those little extras that can make all the difference to our daily routine.

Image Credit © John Lewis & Partners

If you like your music or radio, then a smart speaker is a real boon in the house. The Sonos One (Gen2) Smart Speaker will give you rich, room-filled sound wherever you want it. it is compact enough to fit on a bookshelf, or tuck away in the kitchen and because it is humidity resistant you can even put it in the bathroom.

By connecting your home with these devices can make every space more useable and friendly. With the Bose Home Speaker 500 Smart Speaker you can, with the help of Google Assistant and Alexa put songs, playlists and more at the tip of your tongue. The colour LCD display shows what’s playing, like the current song, station, playlist info, album art and more.

Having a comfy home comes with having a safe home and the Google Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm is an industrial grade smoke sensor taking over 400 tests a day. You can rest easy knowing if it senses something is wrong it will tell you what it is. It will even alert your phone. Not only will the Nest Protect let you sleep easy it’s Pathlight mode will light up your way at night.

A Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Bridge is a great place to start turning your space into a a smart home. With this system you can add up to 50 light bulbs at a time to a single Hue Bridge and control it all through your smartphone. You will be able to control your lights through the app from wherever you are, even away from home. The Hue Bridge is compatible with Apple HomeKit technology so it can join collections of smart devices throughout he home. You can enjoy seamless wireless freedom.

Having a Google Nest Hub Max lets you connect with others easily. On it’s 10” screen you can view streamed entertainment and your Google photos. Make video calls to your friends and family and with the auto-framing, the camera keeps you in view as you move about the room so you can multi-task.

Moving from room to room to access your computer and devices and maintaining a strong connection so you can stay online is becoming more important as many of us are now working from home. The Google Nest Wi-Fi Router with One Google Nest is a great solution giving you the freedom to move about your home ensuring you receive great coverage throughout. Google Nest Wi-Fi features automatic updates and an advanced security chip to help your network stay safe.

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