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Hand-picked ideas and sustainable products
Transform your home with these rich murals

Image Credit © John Lewis & Partners

Transform your home with these rich murals

01 December 2020

Are you looking to transform a room from boring and dreary into a fun and fantastic space? With the wonderful choice of of mural wallpapers available to help you liven up your space, you will literally have it covered.

From the sublime to the sensational, there are some truly fantastic patterns to choose from to give your home a very special and exciting new dynamic.

Using a mural wallpaper as a backdrop offers escapism, a frisson, with their exotic, romantic and magical imagery. You can immerse yourself in a dramatic, colourful and busy nature inspired scheme. Or, find your sanctuary in a peaceful, dreamy design that will calm your space. The choice is yours.

MINDTHEGAP wall coverings offer such possibilities. They are creators of moods, stories and lifestyles with their designs, which are rich in detail with intriguing combinations and endless creativity.

Transform your home with these rich murals

Image Credit © John Lewis & Partners

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Make a bold statement with MINDTHEGAP Oceania Wall Mural. It is a beautiful, colourful and highly- detailed scene of ocean delights. 

For a more classic feel, the Byobu Wallpaper Mural from MINDTHEGAP is a stunning design filled with Japanese icons including the rising sun, cherry blossoms, Japanese maple and cranes in flight.

Transport yourself with this exotic Christian Lacroix Bagatelle Reglisse Wall Mural. A beautiful panaorama representing Parc de Bagatelle on the outskirts of Prais. 

Bring the outdoors in with this beautiful and aand calming display of lush ferns and fronds with MINDTHEGAP's Sanctuary Wallpaper Mural.

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