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Hand-picked ideas and sustainable products
Warm winter with Berghaus

Image Credit © Berghaus

Grab a slice of fresh air

17 December 2020

Wearing the right gear can transform your outdoor experiences. Feeling at home in the elements is a wonderful thing.

If you have found a new routine of hitting the great outdoors for that regular walk or hike, then you might want to take a look at the fabulous range of jackets, waterproofs and midlayers Berghaus has to see you through the cold, wet and windy days of winter.

Berghaus have been been creatng beautifully designed outdoor gear for more than fifty years. Their protective outdoor wear is built to last and designed for your comfort. Wearing the right gear can transform your outdoor experiences. Feeling at home in the elements is a wonderful thing.


Stay warm this winter with Berghaus

Image Credit © John Lewis & Partners

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Relish winter and everything it can throw at you in this super warm, super light Berghaus Womens Tephra Reflect Jacket. Keep your core toasty with the ultra-light inner reflective mesh that directs body heat back inside, keeping you up to 20% warmer*.

We love this Berghaus Womens Combust Reflect Down Jacket which has to make you ready for all types of winter weather. You can’t help but love the cosiness of Hydrodown®. Combined with Hydroloft®, together they’re lightweight, warm and quick drying. It’s notched up a gear with Reflect technology that fires body heat back inside the jacket keeping you warmer than ever.

Say hello to the real front runner of cold conditions with this Berghaus Mens Arkos Reflect Down Jacket. Packed with super lightweight, heat storing Hydrodown® and body-mapped with Hydroloft® for unrivalled performance, you’ll stay warm in the harshest conditions.

When you can’t ignore the call of the wild, this Berghaus Mens Syker Fleece Jacket is the perfect mid-layer fleece to head out and escape from it all. Warmth is no problem thanks to the high loft heat trapping fleece. Its superb Polartec® Classic fabric makes it lightweight, yet warm, whilst being fast drying and highly breathable.

When warmth is the name of the game, this longer length Berghaus Womens Nula Micro Long Insulated Jacket wraps you up and sends icy winds packing. Loaded with advanced synthetic Hydroloft® Polyball insulation, it keeps you warm like natural down with the added bonus of water resistant fibres to aid weather proofing.

Brilliant mid layer for bursting out into the fresh air, the warm chunky pattern of the Berghaus Womens Canvey Half Zip Fleece creates a cosy feeling at one glance. The great fit not only brings flattering warmth, it’s comfy too. Just what we like.

This Berghaus Mens Hillwalker II Gore-Tex Boot brings you the features you’ll need to take on all the weather and landscapes the UK can throw at you. Its strong, streamlined construction brings together a surprisingly soft oiled suede shell with a GORE-TEX® lining for durability.

Flexible and lightweight, the Berghaus Womens Expeditor Active AQ Shoe protects like a boot but is brilliantly agile. It’s a great, reliable choice when you’re heading out and feeling spontaneous. Made from top grade suede, the waterproof and highly breathable AQ® lining means your feet can stay dry and happy all day long.

* What does our Sustainable * flag mean? A growing number of companies are now adding sustainability into their products and way they work. Want to know more? Check with the supplier or manufacturer for details on each product and their eco and sustainable policies and how they are embracing this change. We aim to support them and showcase these products for you.