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Become a Tea Guru with Denby Pottery

Image Credit © John Lewis and Partners / Denby Pottery

Become a Tea Guru

17 January 2021

Many of us don’t give our ritual of tea drinking much thought,  but it seems a daily cup of tea or two, or even five as we have been told by the tea gurus, is beneficial as part of our daily routine. After water, tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world.

It is estimated that around 40% of the nation’s hydration comes in a cup of tea and in the sipping of this popular infusion it provides us with an abundance of health enhancing properties and may even improve brain function.

Wedgwood Sailors Farewell Teapot

Image Credit © Wedgwood / Kit Kemp

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Black tea is the one that we drink most often and it seems the extraordinary health benefits are overlooked. The antioxidant flavonoids alone that can be found in tea are very beneficial in dealing with oxidative stress, known to be a factor in a number of health problems.

So, we are told it can be beneficial to have that cuppa, or two, but what are our tea making skills like? Well, it seems many of us are too impatient when it comes to making a brew. Experts suggest that leaving your tea (black tea) to steep for five minutes will give you a tastier cup of tea and of course making it in a beautiful teapot can only intensify the whole experience.

Designed by Kit Kemp, the Wedgwood Sailors Farewell Teapot has an evocative design and traditional shape. It focuses on the character of the sailor’s loved-one waving goodbye on a rocker with her scarf fluttering in the wind. The pretty pale blue finish of the fine bone china is embellished with a hand-applied 22 carat gold details that highlight it perfectly.

The Yvonne Ellen Cockatoo and Zebra Teapot is a total design departure. Yvonne Ellen’s idiosyncratic design comes beautifully gift boxed and equally exotic cups and saucers are available to complete the carnival.

Tea should be always be served with style and the terracotta and white Mali Ribbed Terracotta Teapot will enhance the whole tea drinking experience. Mali pottery is handmade in southern India as part of a fair-trade project.

Another must-have is the beautiful looking Robert Welch Drift Teapot is made from durable 18/10 stainless steel that, with a simple wipe after use, will look newer for longer and gives an elegant mirrored finish. The wonderful design assures drip free pouring so no need to worry about spills.

The High Borosilicate Strainer Teapot brews loose leaf tea efficiently thanks to its integrated strainer. A bonus of the strainer is that it allows you to brew the infusion of your choice.

The gorgeously glazed Denby Pottery Halo Teapot has a 4 cup capacity with a comfortable handle to enable easy pouring. The Halo is a striking teapot and crafted from the highest quality clay at Denby Pottery.

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