Hand-picked ideas and sustainable products for your lifestyle
Hand-picked ideas and sustainable products
Fuel your passion for style with Bombinate

Image Credit © Bombinate.com

Fuel your passion for style with Bombinate

03 March 2021

Quality, contemporary style and fun comes from the carefully curated selection offered by Bombinate.

Before working with a brand, Bombinate review them against their four pillars of excellence – it’s how they ensure that every piece aligns with their ethos. They have created an accessible way discover the finest brands from around the world.

Partnering up with international designers, the French brand Coedition can give its pieces a refined and globally-relevant look without compromising on the typical French flair resulting in a carefully curated selection of contemporary furniture.

Bombinate only work with brands who place importance on process and provenance and they make sure they know exactly how each piece is made, and who made it.

It's a great destination for finding quality brands with a crafted contemporary feel.

Bookshelf Comb by Jaanus Orgusaar

Image Credit © Bombinate.com

We feature only items we genuinely love and want to share. If you buy something TheLivingHub.com may earn affiliate commission.

The Orange Luna Cabinet in orange lacquered MDF is an eye-catching yet sophisticated cabinet designed by Patricia Urquiola for Coedition. The French furniture brand Coedition prides itself in working with the very best international designers and solely using sustainably-sourced materials.

The Natural Dom Stool is an elegant stool in solid oak designed by the Italian architect Marco Zanuso Jr. Made using sustainably-sourced materials in natural solid oak.

Oskar Felt Stone is a pebble-shaped floor seat or pouf in neutral tones, made from 100% pure wool felt. There’s an innocence to each piece – from their unique use of felt, to their sustainable production by craftsmen in Nepal.

Lotte is a square felt ball rug in multicolour, colourful and playful in a rainbow of bright shades. Because of how it’s constructed, it’s textured underfoot and super squishy. Environmentally friendly dyeing methods and sustainable production by craftsmen in Nepal.

The Rai Lamp by Jaanus Orgusaar makes a refined addition to any home with an airy but rigid shape, resulting in pure elegance. Scandinavian design with a refreshingly green twist.

This beautiful Bookshelf Comb is inspired by the beauty of the natural environment. Jaanus Orgusaar creates intricate, complex designs that invite the outdoors into our homes.

* What does our Sustainable * flag mean? A growing number of companies are now adding sustainability into their products and way they work. Want to know more? Check with the supplier or manufacturer for details on each product and their eco and sustainable policies and how they are embracing this change. We aim to support them and showcase these products for you.