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Freestyle your home with a bench

Image Credit © La Redoute

Freestyle your home with a bench

23 March 2021

If you are feeling that urge to re-invent your space, take a look at using a bench as an adaptable piece of furniture and there’s a great mix of styles to choose from to suit your home.

From the industrial design with their sharp architectural shapes to the natural appeal of rattan and those with ethnic inspiration with seats in attractive woven string and even paper rope seating for a more bohemian touch!

A bench is a fun and relaxed piece of furniture at the dining table and it helps to create a sociable family dining experience and just the best for squeezing in those extra guests at the table.

With the excellent creative range of benches available it is easy to find one that will work just as well in the bedroom. A bed end bench takes up little room and makes practical use of the empty space giving you somewhere to perch your clothes and slip on your shoes. They also dramatically transform the feel and style of a room.

So whether you are looking for a bed end bench, somewhere fun to seat your guests at the table or use as a casual table for your coffee and cake, a bench is the funky way to restyle your home.

Slate Black Chamfer Bench

Image Credit © Bombinate

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The Hasuko bench from La Redoute pulls on ethnic inspiration with its seat woven in paper on a solid wood FSC base. A great looking bench that will sit comfortably anywhere.

The Rustic Teak Bench by Cox & Cox has a fabulous driftwood style finish and rustic visible wood grain. This simple teak bench is the perfect for your bedroom, hallway or living space.

The Cube Bench Wool Line by Sternzeit is an industrial style accent bench with a copper frame. Sternzeit Design’s reimagined classics give them their staying power.

Slate Black Chamfer Bench is an industrial-style bench in recycled wood and powder-coated sheet steel. Crafted by Wye Design, an award-winning brand, and it’s easy to see why.

The Wabi Solid Pine Bench is a great looking bench in solid pine. The Wabi’s natural  authentic style and Bohemian feel make it easy to use in any room.

The Adas Indian Bed/Bench will bring a bohemian touch to your interior with its mango wood structure and hand-braided natural rope seat. Comfortable and spacious, it is ideal for relaxing moments.

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