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Curated ideas and sustainable products
Stand up and get noticed

Image Credit © Decathalon

Stand up and get noticed

05 April 2021

A Stand Up Paddle Board has to be the easiest way to add a new dimension to your day out this summer. Grab yours today!

Now things have relaxed a bit allowing travel within the UK, many more people heading to the rivers, canals and sea to have a break. Taking an SUP can be a simple way to have an adventure or just some fun paddling in the water. They are easy to pack in the car, quick to pump up when you arrive and a great addition if you go camping near some water this summer.

Discover your SUP world

You might want to check out Go Paddling, a recreational resource developed by British Canoeing, helping paddlers find places to paddle as well as top tips and helpful information to make paddling fun and safe for all.

Take a look through our SUP ideas - and grab yours today as they tend to sell fast!

ITIWIT SUP 10ft Pintail Longboard

Image Credit © Decathalon

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Shop this touring ITIWIT 11ft stand-up paddle board while you can! It is perfect for beginners weighing more than 80 kg. Designed by a team of paddlers, this is a great sporty tender for adults and kids.

This ITIWIT SUP SURF 10ft is a round pintail SUP longboard ideal for fans who like making soft elegant curves in the waves. Ideal for waves from 50cm to 1.50m.

The inflatable SUP Molokai 10'6 by ROXY is the perfect board for flat water and small waves. The rocker line provides easy maneuverability, while the thinner profile makes it easier to transport to and from the water.

Grab your inflatable ISUP Thor 10'6 Stand Up Paddle Board from the cult brand Quiksilver while you can. It comes with a three-piece paddle, an ultra-light pump, a repair kit and a backpack carrying bag.

Want something more serious? The Inflatable Platin Wave Sup will save your Ocean SUP holidays. The new 3L MFT Platin technology enables us to use a 4.8" thick board that is stiff enough to give the "real" board feeling.

This Fanatic Diamond Air is designed for all levels of female SUPer looking for a ladies specific board that is easy to use and transport, and performs well in everything from flatwater to small waves.

* What does our Sustainable * flag mean? A growing number of companies are now adding sustainability into their products and way they work. Want to know more? Check with the supplier or manufacturer for details on each product and their eco and sustainable policies and how they are embracing this change. We aim to support them and showcase these products for you.