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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Tablet with S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Tablet with S Pen

Android, 64GB, 4GB RAM, Wi-Fi, 10.4", Angora Blue
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite tablet has been created with a large 10.4” display, AKG tuned dual Speakers with Dolby Atmos technology and a handy SD memory card slot, so you’re all set for watching your favourite films and shows, no matter if you’re home or on your travels. S Pen has been designed to look and feel like a regular pen writing on a piece of paper, so every movement will feel totally natural. You can write shopping lists, create doodles and pictures or annotate homework – they’ll all be saved automatically to your Notes app.

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Featuring 4GB of RAM, this tablet has enough power for tasks like web browsing, some casual gaming and watching films. You'll be able to run several tabs at once without any obvious lag or slowdown. Avaialble in two colours, Oxford Grey and Angora Blue.


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